H-4610 Headset and Chestset

Product Name:H-4610 Headset and Chestset
Type (Speaker / Microphone):Dynamic
Impedance (Speaker):1000 Ohms ±15% @1KHz
Frequency (Speaker):100-3.5 KHz
Max Impedance (Microphone):150 Ohms ±15% AT 1KHz
Frequency (Microphone):300-3.5 KHz
Operating Temprature:-30 C ~ +75 C

MK-1697/G Headset

Product Name: MK-1697/G Headset
NSN: 5965-00-313-8958
Impedance (Earphones):1000 Ohms ±15% AT 1KHz
Impedance (Microphone):150 Ohms ±10% AT 1KHz
Operating Temprature:-30 C ~ +75 C

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